About us

Aeross is the aerospace society of Delhi Public School RK Puram, New Delhi. We are a group of outer space aficionados, science and engineering lovers, problem solvers, and technology enthusiasts who prefer to build rather than watch. Read More

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Edit Mode, General

Edit Mode Now that you know the fundamentals, you may wonder how one can create complex, and often curved, shapes using these tools. Simply using duplicates of the default primitives seems far too tedious to Read more…

3D Course Prerequisite

Introduction to Blender 3D You might be wondering, why are we learning Blender? Aren’t there other software which are the “industry standard” for 3D modelling? Well, this is because, for our particular use, which is Read more…

High Performance Engines

Engines are used not only in commercial airlines but also in military aircraft, missiles and for other machines flying at very high speeds. There is no worry for fuel efficiency in these applications (generally). There’s Read more…